The Need

People must believe in and actively work to support peace for peace to hold. A World Bank statistic cites that 40% of all countries emerging from violent conflict fall back into conflict within ten years. All too often, political dialogue and negotiated agreements to bring peace occur only at the top political level and suffer from an absence of popular support. Without this support, a negotiated agreement is likely to be unsustainable and prone to collapse.

By bringing Outward Bound’s methodology, philosophy and expertise in developing people and teams to the work of peacebuilding, and by working with different constituencies on several levels of society including youth, grassroots and influential leaders and public figures, we believe Outward Bound can make a powerful difference in the lives of people directly affected by international conflict and its consequences. The goal of Outward Bound’s peacebuilding programs is to help people bridge divides and act upon their conviction that a better world is within their power to create.