Ten Ways to Support to Our Work

1. DONATE your time, talents or a financial contribution. Support an emerging leader to build peace in their region. Ask us about current programs and where you can contribute directly to participants taking an Outward Bound Peacebuilding course.

2. JOIN our mailing list by clicking here.

3. EXPAND our network – share our mission with family and friends.

Outward Bound Peacebuilding inspires and challenges leaders in divided societies to work together to build peace.

4. CONNECT with us (via FacebookTwitterLinkedInidealist, etc) and invite five friends to do the same.

5. EDUCATE yourself. Raise awareness about conflict prevention and peacebuilding. Stay connected with the issues using these resources and help to foster discussions. Connect us to interesting articles you come across or contacts you may have.

6. GIVE us suggestions and ideas of your favorite sites and resources on peacebuilding, conflict transformation and peacebuilding so that we can link to those sites.

7. INTRODUCE us to organizations in your region that you think might be a good match for a collaborative partnership in delivering our work.

8.  ORGANIZE events such as a houseparty, fun social event, interesting speaker or outdoor related event such as sea kayaking, rockclimbing, or mountaineering in your hometown or region. Let us know who you are connected to who might help us.

9.  PROVIDE us two or three names of individuals in your network who would support our mission and the great work we are doing.

10. CHALLENGE yourself. CHALLENGE your world. Be a leader in your community and take an Outward Bound course. For United States based courses, check out outwardbound.org. Outside the USA, check out Outward Bound International or ask us about the closest OB school to you.