Practicum Scholarships

“An awesome experience, where over ten days, [you] are stretched to your limits in the outdoors, hiking, while learning about conflict resolution and putting it into practice…with people from all over the world, not only in theory but in a very practical sense.”

2013 Practicum Participants, David and Cadeau

Outward Bound Peacebuilding believes that nonviolent change and sustainable peace must be led by local leaders who are best positioned to solve the conflicts in their own communities and societies. The Practicum on Experiential Peacebuilding, delivered in partnership with the University for Peace in Costa Rica, is a 10-day expedition based course that allows participants to learn, practice and apply experiential conflict resolution and peacebuilding skills while engaging with other young and emerging leaders from around the world.

Since 2012, nearly 40 extraordinary individuals, representing 14 countries from six continents, have completed the Practicum. Alumni have come from conflict and post-conflict environments including Colombia, Ethiopia, Mexico, Nigeria, Israel, Palestine, Rwanda, Syria, and Turkey. Nearly 75% have been women leaders, demonstrating our commitment to inclusive peace, and strengthening their individual and shared voices in a growing network of peacebuilders.

One in three participants have been supported by scholarship assistance.

The Practicum relies on a dynamic mix of participants, who bring their personal stories and authentic voices to the group. We make every effort to ensure that our programming remains affordable. And yet, a rigorous expedition course, expert facilitators, and the highest safety and risk management standards require resources.

Tuition and travel expenses often exceed the average monthly salaries in the countries where our applicants live. Enhanced scholarship resources to ensure that the Practicum experience can truly be accessible to those living and working in communities affected by violence.

Annual scholarships for leaders from around the world allow the most qualified applicants to attend the Practicum regardless of their financial background.

Join us in supporting and strengthening a new generation of leaders and peacebuilders.

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