It is our belief that the opportunity to participate in an Outward Bound Center for Peacbuilding (OBCP) program should not be limited by a person’s economic status. Therefore, we are committed to offering partial scholarships to those who are ready for the journey but unable to participate without such aid. Our scholarships are made possible by generous gifts from the greater OBCP community. That said, scholarship funds are limited and, unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate all funding requests. Funds are applied directly toward the costs of the participant’s course fees and, in select cases, travel or gear for their participation in that course. Priority is given to first-time applicants and the scholarship funding pool does vary from year to year; therefore, the amount awarded will depend on the number of applications we receive and the funds available.


Because we get so many scholarship applications and only have so many funds to distribute, we strongly recommend and encourage applicants to consider raising funds for their course on their own! Click here for a copy of our Fundraising Kit to help you get started.


  1. Complete the online application for the course you wish to attend.
  2. Fill out the Scholarship Application online, which can be found here.
  3. Send your CV/résumé (PDF or Word) and a Letter of Recommendation to
    *Please respond having completed the application and your communication should be labeled “Your Name and Financial Aid Application” in the subject line of the email and any attached documents should be saved with “your name and date” as the file name.

Incomplete applications will be returned to you to complete before we respond to your request.

If your local currency is other than U.S. dollars, please convert your answers to questions into U.S. currency amounts.

Please note that you are financially responsible for your cost to transport yourself to and from the course. We cannot offer scholarship amounts for incidentals or travel costs. In special circumstances, participants that are non-US citizens that reside outside of the U.S.A. may apply for and receive funding assistance for international flights. These are on a case-by-case basis.

OBCP seeks to collaborate with individuals who demonstrate a desire and commitment to experience one of our courses.