Sri Lankan Emerging Leaders Program

The Outward Bound Trust of Sri Lanka (OBTSL) and Outward Bound Peacebuilding will engage in a three year project to create the Sri Lanka Leadership Community. Built on a shared experiential learning and leadership development initiative for next generation leaders, the Sri Lanka Leadership Community will start with small “crews” of 15-20 carefully selected individuals from all geographic, ethnic and religious backgrounds who are invited to participate in a 5-7 day wilderness expedition. This catalyst experience is followed by peer coaching, workshops and retreats, as well as an annual conference for all members of the Sri Lanka Leadership Community.  The project will empower emerging leaders aged 20-30, from different sectors and backgrounds, to realize their own potential, advance their skills, further their networks and launch initiatives that improve their businesses, organizations and communities. Moreover the project will enhance the capacity of a national organization, Outward Bound Trust Sri Lanka, to develop and support programs focused on improving the skills of leaders in the civil society, government, media and other sectors.