OB Peacebuilding Training hosted by OB Finland

In early April, Outward Bound Peacebuilding and Outward Bound Finland held a partnership training program for instructors and staff from 8 different Outward Bound Schools. Over a week, including a two night winter expedition into Tiilikkajarvi National Park, the group explored the major theories and themes of Experiential Peacebuilding. Key topics included different types of conflict and violence, the pillars of Positive Peace, and the emphasis on compassion and trust as outcomes of an Outward Bound experience for participants of all ages. This project, funded by Erasmus+, was designed to provide an introduction to theory and philosophy of peace and peacebuilding and to draw connections between the process of outdoor experiential learning – as championed by OB Schools everywhere – and the idea of peace as a process for both individuals (self) and communities (others). We are all peacebuilders!


Mindblowing experience! Still trying to figure out how is it possible to feel this calm after such an intensive week. First of all, I am really grateful for the opportunity to be just the participant and feel Outward Bound vibe from another (almost forgotten) perspective. Being surrounded with highly motivated and beautiful souls made me feel like Peacebuilding is not just an idea, it is a way of living.

Majda Kovač, OB Croatia

Attending the course has had a transformative impact on me personally and professionally, fostering deep connections and enhancing skills in conflict resolution. I truly believe that integrating peacebuilding elements into our OB School programs will not only enrich participant experiences but also promote positive community change.

Jakub Liška, OB Czech Republic

I came here with curiosity, ready to face the offered challenges & stepped out of my comfort zone more often than I expected. The weather sometimes brought us happiness, in other cases created the biggest challenge. I learned about myself that sometimes perspectives could be game changers in understanding. I also find out that compassion is a key element in our work. As an instructor, the most usable takeaway for me is conflict management. I came here as a peacekeeper and – at my level – I go home as a peace builder.

Attila Péter, OB Romania

I was humbled and inspired by getting to meet people from all levels of Outward Bound in Europe while learning and living the OB peacebuilding process. I am bringing home a new lens of peacebuilding in which to train staff and work with students, along with hopes and dreams of bringing this work to my local community.

Timb Mannuzza, Colorado OB School

My brain is still processing all the knowledge and experiences but I will definitely use my learning in the future – somewhere with youth and communities. It was a pleasure to take part in this training. Something went to my eyes and heart, I wish to do it again someday or help others to take part in it. I took with me knowledge, energisers and got to experience Finnish spring weather in all its forms. But I also got a feeling of a worldwide community of people who want to be part of creating a strong, peaceful world.

Elina Mäkelä, OB Finland

I have learned about myself and my leadership, from others and their approaches and about the principles of peace(building) and how to implement this in our own courses and own communities. I am excited to implement the principles of peacebuilding into our programs at OB Netherlands!

Joren Peeters, OB Netherlands