Experiential Peacebuilding in Hong Kong

I thought my cup of learning for Outward Bound was full, but through this training on Experiential Peacebuilding, I realized my cup has grown much bigger and there truly is more to learn. I am so excited to apply these new skills and concepts to the programs I lead in Hong Kong.

– OBHK Instructor

In June 2018, OBCP Chairman Chien Lee welcomed a fabulous new cohort of 14 Experiential Peacebuilding Facilitators, all participants of the Outward Bound Hong Kong Experiential Peacebuilding Training. The group included 12 Outward Bound Hong Kong instructors, 1 Outward Bound New Zealand instructor and an environmental educator from Hong Kong. The group was creative and engaged, and moved rapidly from learning to adopting these new concepts of peacebuilding, conflict transformation and experiential learning.

The Experiential Peacebuilding training was designed and delivered by Ana Patel, OBCP’s Executive Director and OBCP Senior facilitators John Lee (OB Baltimore) and Hector Tello Mabarak (OB Mexico). The training is part of a larger OBHK program to work with young people originating from different ethnic and linguistic communities in Hong Kong.  Participants reported a 120% increase in their understanding of conflict transformation and an 60% increase in understanding of conducting difficult conversations.

OBCP is immensely appreciative of this valuable partnership with Outward Bound Hong Kong. We are looking forward to seeing how this amazing group of new Experiential Peacebuilders takes this work forward in their programs, communities and lives!

Thank you for all of your work in facilitating our Experiential Peacebuilding Training.  You were amazing and from a personal and professional standpoint this training exceeded my expectations

   – OBHK Operations Manager

– Flavio Bollag