Spring 2014 Interns



Spring 2014 Interns: Maria Magdalena Medley, Milosz Reterski, and Zeitun Tifow





Fall 2013 Interns



Fall 2013 Interns: Michael Edhomeriegue and Katherine Malen-Gamley

Not pictured: Haley Jordahl




Summer 2013 Interns



Summer 2013 Interns: Madison Farley, Ghita Hassoun, and Ben Roeser

Not pictured: Whitney Hough




Ghita and Ayla




Spring 2013 Interns: Ghita Hassoun and Ayla Zamangil

Posing by the NYC Outward Bound climbing wall.








Fall 2012 Interns: Isabel Ferro and Lili Nikolova

Enjoying a fun evening at the 2012 Outward Bound National Dinner.








Summer 2012 Interns: Elizabeth Mayer and Binda Patel

Posing by the climbing wall at the NYC Outward Bound office.










Spring 2012 Interns: Gwen Nickolaychuk and Jenny Park

Gwen, who resides in Norway, loves to spend time outdoors.

Not pictured: Jenny Park









Fall 2011 Interns: Molly Fearn, Tyler Hanes, Jon Anderson, Kat Koinis, Gwen Nickolaychuk, and Kristine Hizon

Leaving a roundtable event on Crowdsourcing and Conflict Prevention by the International Peace Institute and UN Development Programme at the United Nations.

Not pictured: Kat Koinis and Gwen Nickolaychuk






Summer 2011 Interns: Jon Anderson, Nirajan Thapa, Tyler Hanes, Daniel Nassar, and Molly Fearn

Climbing the Outward Bound NYC climbing wall with Executive Director, Ana Patel, and Summer 2010 Interns, Jennifer Bruno and Elana Hazghia.

Not pictured: Jon Anderson






Spring 2011 Interns: Molly Fearn, Katie Walter and Agnieszka Wisniewska

After interning with Outward Bound Peacebuilding, Katie went on to work with the Kofi Annan Institute for Conflict Transformation in Liberia.

Not pictured: Molly Fearn and Agnieszka Wisniewska






Summer 2010 Interns: Andrew Ngugi, Elana Hazghia, and Jennifer Bruno.

Working hard in the Outward Bound Peacebuilding Long Island City Office.