The Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding is committed to working in partnership with other organizations and institutions to ensure the impact, longevity and cultural appropriateness of the programs we support. We seek partnerships with large and small international and local NGOs, government and multilateral government agencies, academic institutions, and advisors dealing with peace and security issues, conflict resolution, peacebuilding and nation-building.

Partnerships with or in support of other programs run by organizations already active in the field provide significant value in:

  • Supplying contextual background and information about a specific conflict.
  • Offering advice on devising culturally appropriate program content.
  • Assisting in participant selection and orientation and/or providing established intact participant groups.
  • Providing a sustained presence in the lives of participants in the form of ongoing, purposeful engagement, follow-up programming and support.
  • Advising and assisting in the implementation of rigorous program assessment and evaluation.

We are in active discussions with a number of organizations to explore the potential of working collaboratively in the future. Outward Bound’s 2008-2011 Peacebuilding programs partnered with, respectively, the Sri Lanka Press Institute and Search for Common Ground. We are still in partnership with Search for Common Ground and are excited to strengthen this commitment for future years.