What’s Going On: Experiential Peacebuilding in Hong Kong, Toronto, and Mexico- Summer/Fall 2018



Experiential Peacebuilding in Hong Kong

I thought my cup of learning for Outward Bound was full, but through this training on Experiential Peacebuilding, I realized my cup has grown much bigger and there truly is more to learn. I am so excited to apply these new skills and concepts to the programs I lead in Hong Kong.

– OBHK Instructor


In June 2018, OBCP Chairman Chien Lee welcomed a fabulous new cohort of 14 Experiential Peacebuilding Facilitators, all participants of the Outward Bound Hong Kong Experiential Peacebuilding Training. The group included 12 Outward Bound Hong Kong instructors, 1 Outward Bound New Zealand instructor and an environmental educator from Hong Kong. The group was creative and engaged, and moved rapidly from learning to adopting these new concepts of peacebuilding, conflict transformation and experiential learning.

The Experiential Peacebuilding training was designed and delivered by Ana Patel, OBCP’s Executive Director and OBCP Senior facilitators John Lee (OB Baltimore) and Hector Tello Mabarak (OB Mexico). The training is part of a larger OBHK program to work with young people originating from different ethnic and linguistic communities in Hong Kong.  Participants reported a 120% increase in their understanding of conflict transformation and an 60% increase in understanding of conducting difficult conversations.

OBCP is immensely appreciative of this valuable partnership with Outward Bound Hong Kong. We are looking forward to seeing how this amazing group of new Experiential Peacebuilders takes this work forward in their programs, communities and lives!


Thank you for all of your work in facilitating our Experiential Peacebuilding Training.  You were amazing and from a personal and professional standpoint this training exceeded my expectations

   – OBHK Operations Manager



OBCP at the Rotary 2018 Peacebuilding Summit in Toronto (June 22-23)

OBCP worked with a wonderful group of people at the 2018 International Rotary Conference in Toronto in June. Flavio Bollag of OBCP facilitated the Positive Peace Activity with co-facilitator Badari Ambatti on June 22-23, at the Peacebuilding Summit portion of the 2018 International Rotary Conference in Toronto.  The conference brought together over 24,000 Rotarians from across the world as well as a number of international Rotary Peace Fellows.


Flavio and Badari presented on Experiential Peacebuilding and delivered the Positive Peace Activity, which offers an experiential means of exploring the 8 empirical factors that contribute to peace, as identified by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). For many of the 100+ participants, it was their first interaction with Experiential Peacebuilding and the idea of Positive Peace. Rotary International and the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) have a partnership in Peacebuilding, as it is one of the focus areas of the Rotary organization. Rotary has expressed great interest in bringing this work forward to Rotary’s 2019 Peacebuilding Summit in Hamburg, Germany.



Looking Ahead

  • Tuesday, August 6th, Ana presents at the Outward Bound Trust in the UK


  • September 14th-15th, OBCP facilitates a workshop at the Nobel Peace Prize Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota


  • September 20th, OBCP partners with The Institute of Economics and Peace for The International Day of Peace in Philadelphia


  • September 21st, International Day of Peace Raise Your Hand campaign


  • September 30th-October 7th, Experiential Peacebuilding training in Mexico



Partner Profile: Michelle Breslauer, Director of the Americas, Institute for Economics and Peace

Flavio Bollag of OBCP, Rebecca Crall, Area of Focus Manager, Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution, Rotary International, and Michelle Breslauer– IEP

Michelle Breslauer of the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) was introduced to OBCP in May 2017 when we collaborated with Rotary Mexico and IEP to develop an activity that physically mapped Mexico’s positive peace system. The activity was so well received in Mexico that she reached out to OBCP with the idea of developing the same activity as a way to celebrate the International Day of Peace in New York City (September 2017), as well as at IEP’s annual conference at Stanford University (October 2017).

The activity, now referred to as the Positive Peace Activity in reference to IEP’s Positive Peace framework, focuses on the eight pillars of positive peace, which IEP developed through the Global Peace Index to empirically model the factors associated with peace. In June 2018, IEP and OBCP collaborated again on the Positive Peace Activity delivering it to 100 Rotarians at Rotary’s 2018 Peacebuilding Summit in Toronto.

Michelle sees the Positive Peace framework as significant to people who are business oriented, with the ability to attract a private sector audience to the work of peacebuilding and peace sustainability. The “framework is putting hard numbers behind the fact that peace consists of something, not just the absence of something,” states Michelle, “That is a concept that peace theorists have talked about for some time, but the international community does not acknowledge or practically implement.”

IEP and OBCP are currently planning another Positive Peace Activity to take place in Philadelphia in anticipation of the International Day of Peace, as well as Rotary’s 2019 Peacebuilding Summit in Hamburg, Germany. For more information on the Global Peace Index, Positive Peace Index, and the Positive Peace framework see http://economicsandpeace.org/research/  





Alumna Profile: Natalia Jimenez (Naty)


Naty Jimenez is a two-time alumnus of OBCP programs, (Costa Rica 2016, and Mexico 2017). A lawyer who specializes in international and environmental law, Naty credits her experiences with OBCP with giving her the tools to connect people to the environment, which is necessary for the law to be implemented and effective. Inspired by what she learned about peace with OBCP, Naty applied for and was accepted to the Rotary International Peace Fellowship program. This September, she’ll begin her three-year master’s program in International Peace Studies at the International Christian University (ICU) in Tokyo, Japan. Congrats, Naty!


Naty credits her experiences with OBCP as fundamental in her quest to reach inner peace, and this helped her realize that her professional path should include helping others to find this peace in their relationships; not only with themselves but with others and the world around them. In particular, Naty emphasized that she feels that OBCP fosters safe spaces for women. She says that she’s never before encountered a space that makes, “women feel so comfortable with their own power.” Stating that this has inspired her to try to create safe environments for women in Colombia, she’d like to thank Executive Director of OBCP Ana Patel and Hector Tello Mabarak, Executive Director of Outward Bound Mexico and a frequent collaborator of OBCP.