This Month at OB Peacebuilding – Oct. 2013

cth2Raise Your Hand Campaign

Raise Your Hand for Outward Bound Peacebuilding is our annual end of the year friend and fundraising campaign that celebrates OB Peacebuilding’s work with small groups of people that come together to build momentum for big change.

Your donations of $20, $50, and $100 will support Outward Bound Peacebuilding’s work with local leaders who are best positioned to solve the conflicts in their communities. What you donate will be matched up to $20K by four amazing challenge match sponsors.

A small contribution from you today can mean $40K for OB Peacebuilding next year!

We also ask people to e-mail us a picture of themselves or post it on the FB page, with their hand raised to show that they support the work of OB Peacebuilding.

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From Our Blog

Missed any of our blog posts? Here’s what’s been posted on our blog recently.

“…the group of Israelis and Palestinians, gathered for the 4th annual Connecting the Hub, was given its first task: build a Mongolian yurt.”
from 2013 Connecting the Hub

“When you see the humanity in the other, it’s the end of conflict.”
from Event Recap: One Day After Peace Film Screening

November Events

  • Oct. 31 – Nov. 2: Nettie Pardue and Marin Burton of the Center for Creative Leadership presented a workshop entitled, Cultivating Compassion: Using a Somatic Approach to Become Better Practitioners at the Association for Experiential Education Conference in Denver.This workshop explored how the mind, body and soul impacts our ability to be experiential educators and also included experiential exercises geared for developing compassionate leaders.
  •  Nov. 19:  Ana spoke to Harlem Youth Court. Ana’s briefing  included some exercises and initiatives on differences that create conflict, as well as cooperation, to provide a sample of how OB Peacebuilding uses experiential peacebuilding in our work.
  •  Nov. 20: OB Peacebuilding attended Fall Graduate and Professional Networking Reception at New York University.


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