Puzzles Activity

Puzzles are very much like life itself. They present challenges. They sometimes confound us. They teach us skills that work elsewhere. And, just when we figure out what is really going on, somebody changes the rules and we are forced to consider a new reality, and seek new solutions.

Puzzles Activity 01



Arrowheads – Pointing in the Right Direction



Here is a challenging puzzle for exploring the concepts of limited resources and synergy.  Perfect for teams that need to successfully complete a task when there seems to be insufficient resources to do so.

Puzzles Activity 02Objective: Using the seven puzzle pieces shown here, simultaneously assemble five arrowheads.

One arrowhead is already complete, and provides a size template for the remaining arrowheads. Each of the four remaining arrowheads will be the same size as this one. When you are finished, you will be able to see all five arrowheads at the same time.

Hints and Clues: You already have enough pieces to complete the five arrowheads required. Sometimes you need to get all your people (arrowheads) moving in the same direction. A two by two organization can be helpful.

Examples of questions for debriefing:

  • Does this puzzle remind you of any other situations, and if so, tell us about them?
  • What other projects do you have limited resources with which to complete the task?
  • What skills did you learn from this experience that can help you solve additional problems in the future?


Click here to view a photo of the solution.

Source: Jim Cain – www.teamworkandteamplay.com