Raise Your Hand Campaign!

During OB Peacebuilding programs, we count on others in the group to give us a hand – we start each morning with a morning circle holding hands to feel the strength of the group as we begin another day. We help each other up steep slopes, across streams and gullies, and we hold each others ropes for rock climbing. The Raise Your Hand campaign celebrates OB Peacebuilding’s work with small groups of people that work together to build momentum for big change.

We ask people to send us a picture of themselves, or post it on the FB page, with their hand raised to show that they support the work of OB Peacebuilding.

 Please visit our Facebook page if you would like to post your photo and message on our Wall or e-mail kristine[at]outwardboundpeace.org with your photo.

Please click here to donate to our $20K Match!

OB Peacebuilding staff and supporters raising their hands at the OB USA Dinner to support peace!
As the Executive Director of OB Peacebuilding I believe in the transformational power of this work. I donated – join me to RAISE YOUR HAND and support peacebuilding leadership around the world. Support us @ http://bit.ly/support_obcp
– Ana 
  As a former intern and co-founder of OBCP’s Junior Board, I am passionate about the human element that OBCP’s programming brings to conflict resolution.  Ana Patel and Nettie Pardue have been an inspiration to work with and I look forward to what 2013 has to bring!
   …And again, Go Outward Bound Peacebuilding! You reinspire us to dream and live big amongst our fellow earthlings xo
  I’m raising my hand in support of the great work Outward Bound Center for PeaceBuilding is doing!
  As a Marine veteran with two tours in Iraq I could not be more proud to support the OBCP mission!
  As Program Assistant at OB Peacebuilding, I am a firm believer in the people-to-people peacebuilding OB Peacebuilding does. Join me in RAISING YOUR HAND to support peace around the world! Please consider a small donation today! http://bit.ly/support_obcpHappy Halloween! I did not let Sandy deter me from dressing up like a huge nerd. 🙂
  Now…onward! I raise my hand in support of the remarkable and much-needed work of the Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding. Please join me in making a donation. All donations by the end of year will be matched by a generous 20K matching campaign!http://bit.ly/support_obcp
Michal is not on FB, but asked us to post this picture demonstrating her support as an alum of the 1st Practicum for Experiential Peacebuilding program in June 2012.
Thank you for your donation, Michal!
While recent photos are still to come, I figured that it’s only fitting that we recycle the Outward Bound Centre for Peacebuilding spirit from that surreal expedition earlier this year in that Costa Rican Rainforest.. See us girls have long been supporting OB’s courageous peacebuilding endeavours- we’ve now just ‘put our money where our mouth is’! Hopefully such cherished memories inspire the rest of the crew and many others to get behind this challenge. Lots of love and well wishes from across the Pacific xo
Costa Rica Outward Bound raising our hands to support the mission of OBCP!
As Director of Programs I raise my hand in support of Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding. Please support us with a 25-50 dollar contribution today! http://bit.ly/support_obcp
We challenge and inspire leaders in divided societies to build peace!
I raise my hand in support of peace, and the Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding that does this important work. Please consider supporting us.

The experience was a defining moment in my life… It went beyond reconnecting with nature, myself, and my fellow Outward Bounders… It reconnected me with my empathy and my resolve to work for change.
Jason Fraser-Nash and his partner/supporter, Adania
No matter where I am in the world, I will support OBCP’s crucial contributions to peacebuilding. This photo comes to you from the western mountain region of Colombia. Thanks for all of the hard work you do, OBCP!
Raising my hand in support and action for OBCP!
Executive Directors from Outward Bound schools around the world raise their hands for OB Peacebuilding! THANK YOU Jim Rowe from Costa Rica OB, Jon D’Almeida from OB Hong Kong, Jacques de Jongh from OB South Africa, Nick Conceicao from OB Singapore and Trevor Taylor from Outward Bound New Zealand. We are honored by your support.
We raise our hands in support of peace!
-Melinda Costello
Dina Wilson raises her hand to support peace!
In a world where so much gives us reasons to feel down, here’s to a future of limitless possibilities! We must never give up.
Shawn Dunning
I support the work of OBCP. I will continue to raise my hands and voice against injustice and hope that we will all live in peace and protect human dignity…
Nassar Odeh
I support the OBCP mission and I believe in it because I believe in people, relationships and friendships. Even if we are different, when we stop being who we think we are, we find ourselves and we connect with others!
Lili Nikolova
Board member Janina Hrebickova raises her hand to support peace!
I support peace and the work of OBCP!! GO OB!!! 🙂
This raised hand of support comes to you from Colombian rainforests – a place where the FARC once hid out this past decade. So it’s no secret I support OBCP and everything they are doing to bring together opposing groups and end conflict. Thanks for all of your hard work, OBCP!
Fernanda Maciel – one of our OBCP facilitators from Spain/Brazil raises her hand for peace. Thanks for your support Fernanda!
I raise my hand to signify my belief in the power of Outward Bound to open our eyes to the strength, goodness, and compassion that lies inside of us. I am honored to play a role in sharing the power of Outward Bound with leaders who will determine what course we will take in the years to come, especially in communities where the challenges are complex and multi-layered.-Luke O’Neill
Program Manager
2012 Croatia Expedition for Palestinian and Israeli Religious Leaders
June and I BOTH support the mission of Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding!
Kaki Flynn’s niece, a future Outward Bound instructor, raising her hand for the Center for Peace Building …
Board member Liz Cunningham’s husband, Charlie, raises his hand in support of peace!
For the Raise Your Hand Campaign!
Just before embarking on a epic journey to Zimbabwe, i raise my hand for peacebuilding, knowing that peacework is as much inner as it is outer I appreciate the the work of ob peace building – and hope for much more!
Going for most vertical feet in mid-air in the “raise your hand for peace building” …
I raise my hand for peace and trust in this world! I raise my hand to support the work of Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding and appreciate their commitment to building peace and inspiring leadership!
Outward Bound Peacebuilding is my favorite client.
Michael Schwamm, OBCP Legal Advisor
Our colleagues at NYC Outward Bound Schools raise their hands in support of peace!
Cheni raises his hand to support peace!
PEP alum Melanie and her partner Phil raise their hand in support of peace!