Social Impact Report

Outward Bound UK have just released their second Social Impact report on outcomes of an Outward Bound experience.

Key Results: Social Import Report

Improved personal and emotional well-being
Young people become more resilient and optimistic, and their emotional health and self-esteem improves. 93% of teachers agree that Outward Bound influences their pupils’ personal development, in particular their confidence and self-esteem.

Improved social well-being
The quality of young people’s relationships improves, in particular with their friends, family and teachers. 93% of teachers observe better relationships between pupils on return to school.

Improved connection with the natural environment
Young people’s knowledge, awareness and appreciation of the natural environment improve. 72% of teachers observe improved awareness of the natural environment in their pupils on return to school.

Improved enthusiasm and confidence in learning
Their attitude towards learning improves, and they become more confident, capable learners in the classroom. 60% of teachers observe an improvement in their pupils’ performance in the classroom on return to school.

Full report can be found here.